Raw Challenge is an epic and unforgettable opportunity for students to challenge themselves and lead their team mates to victory! As they go about completing the course, students will not only have a fantastic time, but also build valuable life skills including:

  • Self Confidence
  • Problem Solving
  • Balance & Co-ordination
  • Communication
  • Endurance
  • Team Work


At Raw Challenge we don’t believe in failing but rather learning to work together to overcome obstacles and challenges in a fun and safe environment. Our trainers facilitate an environment that encourages exploration of movement and creativity.

The course can be adjusted to suit group needs or a particular theme or goal.

Our School Package

  • Up to 40 obstacles over 2.5-4km
  • 2-2.5 hour session (including safety briefing)
  • 1 teacher required for every 20 students
  • Access to amenities including outdoor showers
  • Access to bbq facility (bbq for your own operation and food at your expense)
  • Catering options available from the doylo

$32.50 per student for the course. No charge for teachers within the ratio of 1:20 students. Costs apply for additional teachers.

For more information about safety, preparation, and onsite facilities, please download our schools visit brochure.