Balance Beams

Traverse a 10-metre long timber beam. Use your inner balance – or risk falling into the mud and water pits below!

Cliff Hanger

This little beauty will require everything from grip strength, to balance, coordination and planning as you attempt to get across a vertical rock-climbing platform.

Lily Pads

Get your legs pumping, as running on water is really possible!

Mud Wading

Our excavation team takes pride in creating these huge mud pits. These can be up to 50 square metres in size.


The Great Walls

A variety of vertical walls, ranging in height from 1.8 to 3 metres. You will need to jump, grab the top, pull yourself up, and scissor kick your legs over before climbing back down on the other side.


A variation of the Great Walls. In this obstacle, the walls are angled toward your running approach. This places more emphasis on your jump approach and body strength.

The Summit

The feature in this one is frame cargo net over 5 metres high. The slight flex in the net puts emphasis on your entire body to get over and down the other side.

Tyre Power Wall

A 3-metre high wall of tyres which will require leg, core and upper body strength to get you over.

Wolf Mountain

The view from the top is breath-taking – and well worth the effort that’s required to scale this three storey high angled rock climbing wall.

Carve the Curve

Take a run up, position your last step carefully as you leap for either the tip of the quarter pipe or a team mate’s hand to pull you up and over this beast.


Five-metre high timber walls with a blade at the top. Participants need to use upper body strength to pull themselves up and over using the hanging ropes.

Pharaohs Peak

Three x 4m high peaks varying in methods that will test you on your way to the top. Think ropes, poles and peg boards.

Base Camp

A varying 4 or 6 meter high rope you must climb to ring the bell. This one takes upper body preparation and on point technique!


Climb to the new summit and take in the view as you prepare to slide 25m down into the dam wade. Keep your mouth closed as you’ll be travelling around 35kmh when you hit the water!



Crawl through 4-metre long dark tunnels that will test your composure and core strength.

The Trenches

Be prepared to dig-in and grind as you shuffle through water and mud on your back, using the beams of an overhead cage to progress.

The Belly Tickle

Your belly will be right on grass level as you navigate under strategically positioned yellow arches. Hold your core tight and enjoy a good chuckle.


Crawling used to be easy. Drop to your hands and knees, and you’re away. You’ve been doing it since you were a small baby. Who would have though those skills will now be needed to conquer Australia’s most epic obstacle course. Brace your core, and take the road that is known!


Monkey Bars

We’ve added mud and water pits to this timeless classic from the schoolyard. Traverse in mid-air over along metal rungs for 10 metres to avoid a soggy fate.

Marmosa Ropes

From one tree to the next a 20m long rope 2m off the ground will take you. Traverse upside down like a Marmosa Marsupial scaling the forest. Thankfully there is an inflatable pillow at this one to break the fall.

Vertical Nets

Swinging nets rise vertically on opposite banks a pit of muddy water. Make your way across the ropes to keep clean!

Gorilla Rings

Swing through 40m of rings with a hidden surprise in the middle. If you conquer this one you’re classed in the Raw Challenge Champion category. Dare to dream.