M. Fran

Yesterday was my first Raw Challenge. At the time I wasn’t sure if I was having fun because my goal was to conquer my fear of getting dirty and I was focused on having a determined go and finishing. With help from my team and even strangers… I did it! My son and daughter-in-law watched and that gave me amazing encouragement. So chuffed that at nearly 62 I CONQUERED RAW CHALLENGE. My children say I’M A CHAMPION AND LEGEND. Loved the atmosphere of the whole day which was incredibly well organised with a huge variety of challenges. What’s next on the bucket list?

C. Demarais

We had a really good experience. All obstacles were well designed for different level of capabilities and atmosphere was terrific. I particularly appreciated how everyone helped each other.

M. Manktelow

It’s great fun and anyone can do it!

C. Kelly

A fantastic kids holiday program run today!! They have come home thrilled with their day. Thank you so much!!!!

B. Freeman

First time attendee would highly recommend, it challenged me in many areas; heights, mud, climbing. So much fun. Will definitely be doing it again.

Kellie L.

Great event, well set up and organised. Awesome amount and variety of obstacles that are challenging but achievable. Had a great day with my teammates, would definitely do it again. If you’re thinking about it but not sure I say just go for it.

Elle S.

I haven’t done raw before and I think the best thing was the spirit of team work felt throughout the course! If I was struggling, complete strangers jumped in to help me, offering tips or a leg up or just encouragement. It really felt like we were all in it together. I loved it!

Angie M.

I have completed eight Raw Challenges now and have watched it evolve into an amazing fun team activity for me and my BootCamper’s along with their friends and families. I have completed many obstacle courses over the last seven years and find Raw to be the most ‘fun’ along with being challenging to the right level. I love the added water plunge at the beginning and the slide was a boot!