Raw Challenge




Join our family of happy obstacle challengers and experience the fun and positivity of Raw Challenge!



Find out what you’re made of over a day of fun and fitness!

Raw Challenge is a great way to challenge you and your friends while having fun and getting dirty. Set to test not only your physical but mental limits, and let you feel that rush of achievement. Discover your limits with a range of courses and a whole lot of outrageous obstacles. Dress up, dress down, discover camaraderie with your team and enjoy a whole new experience.


Packed with more obstacles and less running


A focus on fun, good vibes and fitness


Able to be conquered in teams of any size and ability


Rated Australia’s best value for money obstacle event

Upcoming Events

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Doyalson, NSW

Sept 24th & 25th, 2016

With an obstacle on average every 150 metres, our 6km course with 40+ obstacles is sure to challenge all fitness levels, provide a sense of achievement and capture awesome memories.

Old Beach, TAS

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Raw Challenge Baskerville is a breath-taking course set to test even the toughest participants with over 30 epic Obstacles! You will find yourself climbing over shipping containers, rocketing down the massive water slide, crawling through underground tunnels, leaping over giant walls and experience some of the most challenging obstacles in your life.

Numinbah Valley, QLD

Oct 15th & 16th, 2016

Introducing our improved 8km Obstacle event on the Sunny Gold Coast. We know Queenslanders are some of the toughest obstacle racers on the planet. That’s why we decided to put them to the ultimate test. Challenge yourself and tackle this 8km course with 30+ insane obstacles and loads of muddy terrain!

Doyalson, NSW

March 25th & 26th, 2017

Going Bigger and Better with a Brand New Slide with over 55 Obstacles across a 7km course set to test even the toughest participants and challenge everyone in between.Registrations are available for both individuals and teams. It’s a great family fun atmosphere with a designated youth wave for the 7 -12 age bracket. So come bring your friends, bring your family and enjoy the music, tasty food, cold beers and amusements for everyone.


Build a team of your friends and prepare to for a day of positivity, fun, and muddy obstacles!

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