Tips to prepare you for the Raw Challenge!



Training for Balance requires good core strength and firm legs. Sit ups for your stomach core and Squats with a barbell to build up your leg balance. For more advanced exercises you can do one leg squats and weighted walking lunges. Sled training can be one of the best ways to build up incredibly explosive strength and balance.



Training for most of the climbing obstacles will generally require upper body strength. It is sometimes too easy to give up and say ‘I can’t’. So even exercise you think you can’t do, we can slightly vary them. For example pull ups are very tough. If you cannot do them simply step on a box lift take your weight and lower yourself down doing the negative motion. This will build up the relevant muscles. We would also incorporate tricep dips as the tricep makes up 2/3 of your arm.



Preparing yourself for our crawling obstacles will require full body core strength. We highly recommend Plank Holds (with elbows touching the floor and feet together) you can also do spider crawls where you always have a least one foot and one hand on the ground with the back no more than 40 centimetres off the ground, crawling from back and forth across the room.



Hanging Training for most of the Hanging obstacles will be similar to your climbing obstacles and generally require more upper body strength. Monkey bars have got to be one of the hardest obstacles at these types of events particularly the variations at Raw Challenge. Sure, you can always give it a try and fall into the water, but wouldn’t it be great to get the whole way!

Apart from the obvious Bicep strength, surprisingly monkey bars and hanging obstacles will require a lot of back muscles. That is why it is essential to incorporate lat pull downs, seated rows, t bar rows and deadlifts into your workout. It is best to speak with your gym instructor or trainer to learn these motions safely.

Remember: Most injuries in the gym are either people trying to lift too heavy or using the wrong form.

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